LVS Oxford

Special needs catered for

A range of special needs catered for, including Asperger’s, Autism and Dyslexia. Learners can study for a range of qualifications including GCSEs, A-levels and vocational qualifications.

Specialist facilities

Specialist facilities include a dedicated suite for speech, language and occupational therapies, and a café for on-site work experience.

Support services provided

The school provides a variety of support services, including: SALT; OT; School Nurse; Integrated Child Psychotherapist.

Home school links

Links with local mainstream colleges. Supporting learners into the college of their choice in their home authority; regular contact with parents via home/school communication books, phone calls, emails plus regular events at school and parent/teacher progress meetings.

General environment

The school itself is a converted Priory providing a tranquil and relaxing green campus on the outskirts of Oxford.

Aims and philosophy

LVS Oxford provides a unique, positive education for young people on the autism spectrum. It successfully:

• Gives learners the skills they need to live independently as adults

• Improves learners’ academic achievements

• Builds learners’ confidence in dealing with social situations

• Helps learners leaving after exams to go on to further education or training for the job they want

• Provides the right environment to help young people with autism do well


LVS Oxford
Spring Hill Road,


01865 595170



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Louisa Allison-Bergin

DFEE Registered number

Length of school year

Age range

11 – 19

Number on roll


Type of school

LVS Oxford is a school that offers a supported learning environment for young learners with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. Its person centred approach is focused on building life skills and educational achievement to give young people a greater chance of living independently when they leave at 19 years old. The school also very successfully reintroduces school refusers back into education. LVS Oxford is rare in the level of therapy staff on site to support its learners, with its own child psychotherapist to accompany a nurse, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist.



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