Church Lawton School - Part of the NAS Education Group

Special needs catered for

As autism specialists we aim to offer your children with autism the education they need to develop their self-confidence, their academic skills and their life skills.

Specialist facilities

Our school building has been redeveloped and designed with state-of-the-art facilities, creating an environment ideal for children and young people with autism to learn. It is light, spacious and quiet, meaning all of our pupils can comfortably work together.

A large hall with changing rooms and showers gives us a space for assembly, PE and gym, and we have a dining room with individual and open seating areas to give pupils the choice of having space to themselves at meal times or interacting with their peers. Our catering kitchen will be serving fresh cooked meals to our pupils.

With individual learning areas in each of our classrooms, a low-arousal environment and an average class size of six, our learning spaces are calm, welcoming places for pupils with autism. For our pupils with more complex needs we have a learning centre with its own outside area, adapted to meet their specific needs.

Secondary pupils will be able to make use of our subject-specific rooms, including science, design and technology, food technology, art and music. Sixth formers will have their own sociable common room space.

We make use of technology from laptops and interactive projectors to investing in iPads to give all our pupils a chance to develop their technology skills.

Support services provided

We work closely with the families of all our pupils to ensure that we are not only providing the best education for each child but to support families with any individual concerns they may have.

Home school links

We are building links with local schools, colleges and universities to provide opportunities for our pupils to interact with students outside the school and prepare to make the transition to move on from our school. We are also building opportunities for our older students to do work experience.

General environment

As well as a spacious, welcoming environment our pupils here will experience a sense of community. We come together three times a week as a school in assembly, often led by our pupils sharing what they have learnt, and pupils of all ages have the chance to socialise in break times and some PE lessons.

Primary, secondary and sixth form students each have their own outdoor area, and the school, at the same time as being safe and secure, still feels spacious as we have open countryside around us.

Aims and philosophy

We want every child with autism to receive the education that they deserve, and for them to feel happy and valued at school. Our aim is to support them to achieve and to make a positive contribution to the world.

We want to help them to build their self-esteem and their confidence in the wider world, and we do this by going out into the community as often as we can, with weekly local walks, visiting farms, county fairs and other educational visits.

Staff qualification and selection

All our staff are professional, caring and dedicated and are trained to work with young people with autism.


Church Lawton School - Part of the NAS Education Group
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