St. Johnís School and College

Special needs catered for

Young people (7 Ė 25) with Communication and Interaction needs (primarily Autism) and/or Downs. Where mental health needs are comorbid with Communication and Interaction (primarily Autism) then we will only accept the placement if community mental health services are already fully involved. Additionally, we will support young people in this former group who have PDA. We also specialise in supporting young people where Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation is an issue in their lives.

Specialist facilities

We have an array of highly stimulating learning environments and specialist facilities. These include sensory environments, a performing arts theatre, music studios, a fully functioning cafť (for work based learning) and a social enterprise printing shop.

Support services provided

We have a dedicated in-house medical therapy service providing nursing, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, counselling and specialist behaviour management.

We also have a transitions team who support our learners throughout their journey at St. Johnís and beyond, providing personalised transition plans and helping learners achieve their goals and aspirations in future life.

Home school links

We have a dedicated admissions and transitions team.

General environment

Our school, situated in the coastal town of Seaford, provides a nurturing and peaceful environment suitable for our younger learners.

Our college, situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Brighton, provides a stimulating and vibrant environment, promoting and empowering independence.

Aims and philosophy

St. Johnís is a charity that provides education, care and therapy for learners from 5-25 with complex behaviours; we are based in Brighton and Seaford. We also offer training across the region and sector.

St. Johnís is about improving lives by making a practical difference to the learners who access our services and by embracing their unique diversity. Our core mission is to enable our learners to achieve aspirational goals and to live their lives to the full. Recognising the complexity and scale of this task we focus our work around five placement outcomes which inform and guide all that we do:

- We promote well-being, the basis of effective learning

- We develop communicationg, the basis of engagement in society

- We focus on skill development, the basis of a productive life

- At all times we promote independence, a fundamental human right

- We passionately believe that all our learners can be employed, in some form, during their lives.

Staff qualification and selection

St. Johnís is committed to excellence in its provision of education, care and therapy and our dedicated and qualified team of staff reflect this commitment.


St. Johnís School and College
St John's School Firle Road Seaford BN25 2HU,
St Johnís College 17 Walpole Road Brighton BN2 0AF,
East Sussex


01273 244 000


01323 872 958


[email protected]




Teaching staff

School: 13 College: 15


Fran Pass / Karen Grist is the Principal of the College

Residential care staff

School: 44 College:129

Special needs support staff

School: 38 College: 79

DFEE Registered number

8467002 and 8467904

Length of school year

38 weeks (we also provide 52 week residential placements for post 19 at the College)

Age range

7- 25

Number on roll

School: 28 College: 82

Type of school

Non-maintained Special School and Independent Specialist College


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