Bramfield House School

Special needs catered for

The School admits pupils with social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours and a statement of special educational needs which notes the nature of these difficulties.

• The pupil will have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)

• The EHCP will specify that the pupil has social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours (SEMH).

• The pupil may have learning difficulties and/or low attainment that are associated with their emotional and behavioural difficulties.

• The pupil may have one or more specific learning difficulties

• For all “Looked After Children”, there must be permanently named carers and a permanent home base for the pupil, available at any time throughout the year. The school cannot be the main residence for any child.

Specialist facilities

There is a focus on functional skills, life-skills and practical subjects to engage and motivate our learners. A creative and flexible approach to the National Curriculum is welcomed to re-engage and stimulate interest in learning, and address deficiencies in basic knowledge and understanding.

Communication, modelling and specific teaching of the school expectations for behaviour and learning are an emphasis for working with pupils both in the classroom and in the house environment. Pupils at Bramfield House are encouraged to be healthy, safe, enjoy and achieve to the best of their individual ability.

Home school links

The school works with local authority colleges to support transition of boys into either mainstream or SEN colleges. The school offers work experience for all young people as well as vocational training on the school site.

General environment

Bramfield House School stands in magnificent grounds and gives pupils extraordinary educational opportunities through its innovative, successful teaching approach inside and outside the classroom. Alongside the school site we provide a separate residential accommodation called Ibstock House that caters for the further development of pupil’s independence skills. This house has its own designated classroom and gardens, approximately ¾ of an acre and can support up to 6 boarding pupils.

Aims and philosophy

The ethos of the school is based on trust and mutual respect, providing the opportunity for every individual to maximise their own potential in a warm and caring environment. The pupils are supported in discovering their personal attributes, and to then themselves acknowledge these skills, building their confidence and self-esteem so that this can then be transferred and used to develop and enhance all areas of their social and educational development.

The Schools aims are:

• To meet each child’s physical and emotional needs and encourage a positively healthy lifestyle, in line with the Every Child Matters Framework.

• To promote the welfare of pupils and ensure safeguarding by creating a safe community with clear and thoughtful boundaries.

• To support personal development and individual achievement so that young people can become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

• To be responsive to the needs and individual qualities of all of our children and young people; thus demonstrating our clear commitment to equality of opportunity for all.

• To create an atmosphere within which a young person can grow physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Staff qualification and selection

All teaching staff are qualified most with a special school or alternative provision background.

The school has an established long standing staff team with a varied and wide experiences of SEN. Staff are highly trained in supporting young people with SEMH.


Bramfield House School
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Length of school year

Day and Residential – 38 weeks

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7-16 years

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Boarding School



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