Centre Academy East Anglia

Special needs catered for

We teach the skills and coping strategies that enable students with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Aspergerís and other learning challenges to succeed. Our class sizes are very small (usual 4-5 students) and we feature a significant amount of one-to-one instruction.

Specialist facilities

All students are comprehensively tested and evaluated to determine academic strengths and challenges; we then design a program of instruction tailored to meet the studentís individual needs.


We follow the National Curriculum from KS2 through GCSE. In 2012, we will begin offering the American High School Diploma, currently offered by our sister school, Centre Academy London. The Diploma, which features continual assessment and is therefore not examination-based, will gain our graduates admission to British and American universities.


We offer 5-day boarding on an elegant 10-acre campus that features superb classroom buildings and excellent residential facilities for both boys and girls. Extensive playing fields provide the ideal setting for a variety of sports, and we have additional facilities for Art, Drama and related creative endeavours.

Support services provided

We have a head of residence and an entire care staff to support our boarding and day pupils; we also have counselling, school and university placement and related services including speech & language and occupational therapy.

Home school links

We believe that for learning to flourish there must be a partnership between the school, the student and the family. Parents are frequently counselled on the learning challenges faced by the individual students and discussions with the Head of School are encouraged. Written reports are provided for each of the three terms and we also have parent-teacher conferences scheduled regularly throughout the academic year.

General environment

CA East Anglia is located at the edge of a small, rural village 20 minutes from Bury St Edmunds and 30 minutes from Cambridge by car, and one hour from London by train. The architecture is Georgian; there is an extensive computer laboratory and other well-equipped classrooms featuring smart boards and other technology.

Aims and philosophy

CA East Anglia is committed to providing excellence in education in a supportive, nurturing and safe environment so that each student may achieve his/her full academic potential. We instill within our students an appreciation of those values we believe essential for education to flourish - honesty, trust, respect, compassion and civility.

Staff qualification and selection

All staff are qualified and/or experienced in special education.


Centre Academy East Anglia
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Dr Duncan Rollo

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Length of school year

36 weeks

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Type of school

Mixed, day and boarding



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