Fullerton House School

Special needs catered for

A specialist residential school offering flexible education and care for young people aged 8-19, all of whom have complex needs including behaviour that may challenge and a learning disability, often in association with autism.

Specialist facilities

Fullerton House School is integrated within its local community enabling us to offer a wide range of learning experiences both in the school and in the community. Lessons are taught in well resourced classrooms that have a teaching area and a kitchen area. We are focused on preparing our students for their adult life and transition skills are taught both in the education and care setting as part of our 24 hour curriculum. All the subject areas offered by the school are carefully planned so to maximise the development of the core skills of English, Maths, Science, ICT and PSHE as well as PE, Art, Life Skills and Employability Skills. These core skills can be delivered as underpinning, discrete areas of focus through the practical and specialist workshops available including woodwork, pottery, gardening, bike maintenance, ICT, cooking, art, crafts and enterprise. We also create tailor made scenarios and learning spaces so to provide access to some experiences that would otherwise be missed. Community based activities include swimming, shopping, horse riding and gym visits. The curriculum aims to develop successful, confident and responsible young people and combines individualised learning programmes and recognized, strategic frameworks in order to address the complex needs of our young people.

Support services provided

We operate a true multi-disciplinary approach to assessing and appropriately supporting our young people. This approach seeks to address learning by clear identification of an individual’s developmental needs. This includes all the necessary skills for emotional and behavioural development, personal identity, social relationships, academic work, health and self-care, personal safety, general home/life skills and developing independence. Our multi-disciplinary team includes teachers, tutors, teaching assistants, support workers, consultant clinical psychologist, consultant psychiatrist, applied behaviour analysts, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists.

Home school links

We ensure all young people and their families, friends & key others can have regular, positive contact by a means which best suits them e.g. visits, ‘phone, Skype, emails, MSN messaging & webcam. We recognise the importance of promoting family life & a sense of belonging. We actively support family visits; we have a private family room on site which includes a kitchen area, TV, sofa, dining room & games, which allows for families to have time together. There is additional family accommodation which parents can book to give a variety of options to support ongoing family contact. We also support with transport which might include taking a young person home for a period of time and collecting them, which enables a young person to have a continual presence within their local community & wider family circle.

General environment

Fullerton House School young people live in the heart of the community, in an urban setting with facilities including a local sports centre with swimming pool, supermarket, outdoor market, shops, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and large open spaces for outdoor activities. The school provides residential properties to meet a full range of needs, in high quality, therapeutic flat and house settings with private, enclosed gardens. The excellent on-site facilities compliment and enrich the lives of those who come to live and learn with us.

Aims and philosophy

Our mission is to enable people with complex needs to achieve their full potential. We aim to offer the best possible care, education and vocational opportunities for all our young people. With over 25 years experience of providing specialist services at the school, the staff at Fullerton House School pride themselves on offering a highly professional, residential and educational provision offering individualised, person-centred support that appropriately meets every young persons’ needs.

Staff qualification and selection

All support staff are registered during induction to complete the Children’s In Residential Care Diploma level 3. Existing staff are already qualified to post holding either NVQ Health and Social Care level 3 or equivalent. Managers complete additional Induction training events Supervision & Appraisal, Safer Recruitment, Rewarding Relationships, alongside relevant management qualifications if needed The Positive Behaviour Support system is based on ‘Therapeutic Crisis Intervention’ (TCI). This training covers Proactive, Active and Reactive strategies to help support individuals to meet their needs and learn new coping skills and strategies, Learning and development is continual and includes other key areas of knowledge and skills such as; Safeguarding Children level 3, e-safety, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Fire safety, Health + Safety, Manual Handling, Understanding Autism and Sensory Needs, Learning Difficulties, , Supporting Communication (Makaton Signing, Using symbols, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), TEACCH principles,  Assisting Mobility, Medication, Epilepsy, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), Food Safety, Health and Nutrition, Working with Families, Coping with Transition, Trauma, Attachment and Resilience, Post Crisis Response (support for the individual and staff involved in critical incidents), Pathway Planning, Support Planning, Record Keeping,  Professional Etiquette, Rebound Therapy, Mental Health and Wellbeing and much, much more. ... Learning and Development programmes are updated as needed and staff complete 37 hours of essential learning and development activities each year based on the needs of the young people supported, changing legislation, policies and regulations and requirements and  internal, Policies and Procedures

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