Centre Academy (London)

Special needs catered for

We teach the skills and coping strategies that enable students with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties to succeed. We also offer programmes and courses for gifted ‘non-traditional’ learners that are both intellectually challenging and socially nurturing. Our class sizes are very small (usually 6-8 students), and we feature a significant amount of one-to-one instruction.

Specialist facilities

All students take part in a comprehensive testing and evaluation programme to determine academic strengths and difficulties; we then design a programme of instruction tailored to meet the student’s individual needs.


After a period of time, some students will return to mainstream education. Some may elect to continue at Centre Academy and work within the British National Curriculum, whilst others may complete the American High School Diploma, a qualification that will gain them entry into both British and American universities. We have a 100% success rate in university placements. New vocational programme now introduced.

Support services provided

Counselling is an integral part of the Centre Academy program. We also offer university and sixth form placement as well as career counselling and speech & language and occupational therapy.

Home school links

We believe that for learning to flourish there must be a partnership between the school, the student, and the family. Parents are counselled on the learning challenges faced by the individual students, and twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences are held. Progress and grade reports are forwarded to families five-times per year. We also have parent-teacher organistation and a variety of social and academic gatherings take place throughout the school year.

General environment

Centre Academy is located a short walk from Clapham Junction Railway station and is served by a variety of public transportation. The main building is late Edwardian and is listed Grade II. There is an extensive computer laboratory and other well-equipped classrooms.

Aims and philosophy

Centre Academy is committed to providing excellence in education in a supportive, nuturing environment so that each student may achieve his/her full academic potential within either the British National Curriculum or the American Curriculum. We instill within our students an appreciation of those values we believe essential for education - honesty, trust, respect, compassion - and we also promote international understanding within our culturally diverse student population.

Staff qualification and selection

All staff are qualified and/or experienced in special education and all are specialists in their specific content/subject areas.

Principal and Administrative Director: Dr Duncan Rollo
Head of School: Ms Ambridge

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