Breckenbrough School

Special needs catered for

Special needs catered for: ASD, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia

• Over 70 years of experience in educating boys with complex needs

• A unique special school with a Quaker ethos

• Educates males aged 9 to 19 with academic potential

• Accommodates both day and boarding students on a 38 week basis

• Has expertise and success with boys with Asperger Condition and ADHD

• Has high educational expectation’s and offers a wide range of GCSE’s, vocational programmes and A levels

• Provides individualised learning and programmes of study

• Offers a relaxed atmosphere, within a holistic and therapeutic environment

• Operates an effective ethos of conflict resolution

• Encourages students to understand and take responsibility for their own actions

• Transition plans are developed and the School employs its own qualified careers officer, who plays an important role

• Enjoys and encourages strong partnerships with families

• Offers a wide range of activities and opportunities

• Provides post-16 provision for working in partnership with other local providers

• Has good access from the motorway and rail networks.

The school is a non-profit-making charity, whose governors are appointed by Quakers in Yorkshire. The school has a powerful and effective ethos based on Quaker values and conflict resolution.

Housed in a Victorian country house with 10 acres of land in the heart of North Yorkshire, Breckenbrough is located a few miles from Thirsk, close to the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks.

Success in the classroom is dependent on every student wanting to learn and being open and willing to accept the great level of support offered by the staff team

Breckenbrough provides a broad and balanced curriculum with highly individualised programmes of study. In Key Stages 2 and 3, students follow the National Curriculum. In Key Stage 4, the students take up to 8 GCSE’s, whilst also having the option of Entry Level courses and other Level 2 qualifications. In the Sixth Form, Level 3 qualifications including A Levels are delivered on-site, but the school also works in partnership with other local providers offering A Levels, BTECs and other vocational qualifications.

The school has an experienced staff skilled in conflict resolution and the understanding of Asperger Condition and young people suffering from emotional problems. The therapeutic provision is supported by a full-time Psychologist. Students are encouraged through the powerful ethos of the school where external pressure is reduced and individuality encouraged.

Specialist facilities

Has expertise and success with Autism, ADHD, PDA and supporting young people who experience high levels of anxiety.

General environment

Offers a safe, flexible and nurturing environment, with a focus on holistic development, including access to an onsite psychologist

Aims and philosophy

Encourages students to regulate, understand and take responsibility for their own actions, including conflict resolution and restorative practice. Transition plans are student-led and developed with the school’s onsite careers advisor

Staff qualification and selection

The school has an experienced staff team knowledgeable and skilled in supporting young people with Autism. The ethos and approach of the school is proven in gradually reducing anxiety levels so the cohort can reengage with their learning, regain their aspirations and ultimately develop into successful young adults.


Breckenbrough School
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Teaching staff

29 teachers including Head


Simon Bannister

Residential care staff


Special needs support staff


DFEE Registered number


Length of school year

38 weeks

Age range


Number on roll


Type of school

A unique special school with a Quaker ethos of equality, respect, tolerance, forgiveness and transparency.

Educates male students from 9 to 19 years, delivering the National Curriculum up to Level 3 qualifications.

100% of Breckenbrough students progress into Higher Education, Further Education, an apprenticeship or full-time.

Breckenbrough supports all students into the transitions to adulthood, with aftercare available via the Beyond Breckenbrough charity.


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