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Special needs catered for

Acorn Park School work with children who come from across the UK and occasionally, from overseas. They may have come from another specialist residential school, a provision local to their home or from their home itself. The children usually have an ECHP and a diagnosis of Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome.

They May also present with:

• A need for a bespoke, or individualised curriculum

• Moderate to severe learning difficulties

• Challenges with emotional regulation which may lead to problematic or challenging behaviours

• Challenges in developing effective communication skills

• Difficulties with social interaction and building relationships

• Little or no awareness of danger and keeping safe

• Other needs which need to be supported through a multidisciplinary approach

Specialist facilities

At Acorn Park they have a range of facilities which support the way that children learn, socialise and play together. These include a range of outdoor recreational areas with climbing frames and gym equipment, grassy areas for outdoor play and our extensive grounds give our pupils opportunities for bike riding and go-carting. For many children, these open spaces allow them to develop a sense of freedom within a safe and supervised environment. They also have a sensory integration room in the school which is used by the Occupational Therapist.

General environment

The school is well resourced with small class sizes and personalised curriculums. The school also has a care farm, outdoor learning space and multi-sensory rooms.

The living arrangements are welcoming, modern and homely and offer well equipped facilities and copious scope for a variety of activities. As well as having a variety of houses, they also have a community of small flats for teenagers and young adults who are able to live semi-independently.

The layout of the school means the young people and adults can walk safely to and from school, enjoy the playgrounds and the multi-sensory rooms.

Aims and philosophy

The schools methodology is underpinned by an understanding that children on the Autism Spectrum are more likely to have happy and fulfilling lives if we support the development of their autonomy and wellbeing by giving them effective ways to communicate and building their capacity to cope with the demands and challenges of their lives.

They achieve this in multiple different ways. For example, creating enabling environments, teaching all students new personal, social and practical skills that will help them in later life, developing communication skills and using language with confidence to communicate effectively etc.


Acorn Park
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Wallace Robinson

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Length of school year

Day – 38 Residential – 52

Age range

6-19+ years

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