New Barn School

Special needs catered for

New Barn School provides highly effective education, therapy, welfare and support for both boys and girls aged from 6 to 19 years who have social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH), as well as other complex needs.

New Barn differs from most schools as it can offer a bespoke curriculum for every student. Its ethos is based around nurturing, making progress and helping young people feel safe and cared for.

The pupils gain a remarkable trust and rapport with the staff who support them through their personal challenges. The relaxed atmosphere allows students to concentrate on the complex business of learning, developing, and becoming their own person.

Specialist facilities

Our provision is tailored to each student ensuring that their educational, therapeutic and holistic needs are met, and barriers to learning are addressed.

We provide computers and whiteboards in every learning area, a high specification food technology room, a well-resourced music room which includes recording equipment, extensive and varied off-site educational visits and a variety of work experience opportunities.

Support services provided

The school’s designated team reflects the needs of the children and young people that learn with us, however additional support can also be accessed from other specialists within the wider Clinical Team. This enables us to be responsive to any newly identified, time limited or changing needs of a child or young person throughout their placement with us.

Offering highly specialised screening, assessment, consultation, reflective practice supervision and bespoke training, the embedded Clinical Team work directly with the education team to develop a shared understanding of the child’s presenting needs and difficulties which may act as barriers to their personal and educational development as well as identify areas of strength which can support them to achieve, enjoy and fulfil their aims and wishes.

The clinical team support the education team in developing a pupil centred curriculum which proactively promotes the children and young people’s emotional, social and mental health. We aim to deliver the highest quality provision which maximises each person’s quality of life and personal achievements.

Our evidence informed models are based on best practice guidance and are governed through the Outcomes First Governance Framework.

Home school links

Qualifications are important but not the only purpose in which New Barn students can fulfil and achieve their full potential.

At New Barn, students aim to arrive at similar destinations as those in more formal educational settings. They just take a different route. The School provides every student with a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum based on the National Curriculum guidelines. A comprehensive 14-16 curriculum Pathway is available at New Barn and at local colleges. This offers GCSE, BTEC, ASDAN, NVQ, DofE and other external examinations, catering for their current and future needs.

As students’ progress, they are helped to organize their own time and we guide them in developing their own sense of discipline and academic motivation. In secondary, students meet with their tutor twice daily. By providing structure and support, we encourage independence and responsibility to grow from an early age.

Aims and philosophy

New Barn School is committed to increasing the learning opportunities for its pupils.

Our pupils may have experienced failure in education and trauma in their personal lives which often results in low self-esteem. New Barn School therefore endeavours to empower its pupils through successful learning to develop their confidence and self-esteem. We involve the pupils in their learning by listening to their views and considering their choices.

New Barn School is committed to empowering and inspiring individuals to learn, achieve and succeed, in a bid to help reintegrate them back into mainstream settings, facilitate plans to return home or enable them to progress as individuals in their own home placements and schools.

Staff qualification and selection

At Outcomes First Group we make a real commitment to training and developing our staff. Our training is focussed on the needs of the specific services as well as the individual employee and the company. We recognise that training, learning and developing our staff is key to delivering high quality services and to the success of our company.

Our commitment is to guarantee that all employees complete mandatory, refresher and specialist training and have the opportunity to undertake developmental training opportunities. 

We offer BILD accredited behaviour support training relevant to the service which equips employees with the knowledge and skills to manage a broad range of behaviours to ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace.

Outcomes First Group is committed to meeting regulatory qualification requirements and timeframes to ensure a suitability qualified, knowledgeable and competent workforce.


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