Baston House School

Special needs catered for

Baston House School provides a centre of excellence in education and development for children aged between 5 and 19 years of age who have been diagnosed with autism.

Specialist facilities

The school is purpose built with dedicated on-site facilities as well as established links with the amenities offered in the local area.

Small class groups, no larger than six learners per class, are led by Teachers or, where appropriate, qualified Instructors and supported by Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants, who work under the direction of Phase Leaders and Subject Specialists.

Support services provided

The school’s designated team reflects the needs of the children and young people that learn with us, however additional support can also be accessed from other specialists within the wider Clinical Team. This enables us to be responsive to any newly identified, time limited or changing needs of a child or young person throughout their placement with us.

Offering highly specialised screening, assessment, consultation, reflective practice supervision and bespoke training, the embedded Clinical Team work directly with the education team to develop a shared understanding of the child’s presenting needs and difficulties which may act as barriers to their personal and educational development as well as identify areas of strength which can support them to achieve, enjoy and fulfil their aims and wishes.

The clinical team support the education team in developing a pupil centred curriculum which proactively promotes the children and young people’s emotional, social and mental health. We aim to deliver the highest quality provision which maximises each person’s quality of life and personal achievements.

Our evidence informed models are based on best practice guidance and are governed through the Outcomes First Governance Framework.

Home school links

A key factor in any child’s learning and well-being is the teacher, and we have highly experienced, skilled, dedicated and committed teaching teams and support staff. These teams work together to provide flexibility in meeting the needs of all learners. Our teams work together to provide a safe and engaging environment within which the needs of the learner are met.

In all cases, students will be supported in reaching their full potential and in acquiring skills that will enable them to live as independently as possible.

We ensure that basic independence skills are taught: personal hygiene, accessing healthcare, domestic management, engaging with emergency services, safe travel, healthy eating, active lifestyles and financial planning.

In addition to this we include well-being promotion by teaching anxiety reduction and stress relief strategies to cope with sudden change and unpredictability. The importance of schedules and structures is reinforced. Social development input is focused on supporting learners in developing and maintaining safe social groups outside of school.

Aims and philosophy

Baston House School will strive to provide effective specialist education and support to pupils on the Autistic Spectrum and to their families, enabling pupils to achieve their full potential in education and in life outside school.

Our goal is to break down the barriers to learning that our students encounter and to help them to equip themselves for as independent a life as possible outside of school.

Our approach is based on child-centred and autism-specific strategies and techniques, with a clear focus on improving communication and interaction skills through positive interventions.

Staff qualification and selection

At the Outcomes First Group we make a real commitment to training and developing our staff, which far exceeds regulatory required standards. Our training is focussed on the needs of the specific services as well as the individual employee and the company. We recognise that training, learning and developing our staff is key to delivering high quality services and to the success of our company.

Our commitment is to guarantee that all employees complete mandatory, refresher and specialist training and have the opportunity to undertake developmental training opportunities. 

We offer BILD accredited behaviour support training relevant to the service which equips employees with the knowledge and skills to manage a broad range of behaviours to ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace.

Outcomes First Group is committed to meeting regulatory qualification requirements and timeframes to ensure a suitability qualified, knowledgeable and competent workforce.


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