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Friday, February 1, 2019

Autistic Students Celebrate Christmas In Style

Students at a specialist school for young people with autism celebrated Christmas in style with a last day of term ‘Christmas Sharing’ event that saw them host a Christmas Market, musical showcase and coffee shop. The event at LVS Hassocks, on Friday 21st December, was the culmination of winter term and allowed them to practice valuable business skills and exude the confidence they have gained at school.

Parents and families of the students, all aged 11-19 and with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, flocked to LVS Hassocks in Sayers Common to enjoy a special Christmas Market in the Sussex Building. Students hosted the stalls themselves, allowing them to gain valuable experience of handling money and social interaction such as talking to customers and practicing making eye contact. The students also created many of the goods on sale, from Christmas decorations and cards to gifts such as plant pots. One student, Harry, had even designed and printed the packaging for the gifts too as part of an enterprise project.

A Christmas concert followed, with pupils at the school performing a range of Christmas Carols and contemporary festive songs to a large audience, an impressive achievement for children with autism who often struggle with social interaction and being in public places.

Head of School at LVS Hassocks Sarah Sherwood said: “Our Christmas Sharing event is always one of the highlights of the year, and what makes it so special is that to promote independence – which is a key aspect of student development at LVS Hassocks – we encourage them to take responsibility at the event, to perform and to serve. They have responded to this brilliantly and shown great maturity and creativity in all areas”.

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