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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

TranseND: Transition from primary to secondary school in children with neurodevelopmental disorders


Moving from primary to secondary school can be a challenging time, and this may be particularly true for pupils with neurodevelopmental disorders. Alongside the difficulties related to the increasing demands of the curriculum and the changes in their social environment, children with neurodevelopmental disorders may also have to deal with changes in the structure and quantity of additional support they are receiving in school. By triangulating the views from parents, professionals as well as children’s own voice, this study will:

- Examine factors that influence a successful school transition for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

-Explore the shared and unique issues and concerns of their parents and teachers.

-Identify examples of good practice and to formulate informed guidelines for transition plans to be included in Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.

Who can take part?

Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Williams syndrome, and Down syndrome (as well as their parents) who are either…

- Currently in year 6 and will move to secondary school in September 2018.

Or,not changing schools because they are in a special school, but are currently in year 6 and will be 11 years old in September 2018.

Taking part:

Children will take part in two online assessments and a short online interview (in Spring 2018 and again in Autumn 2018). Parents and professionals are also asked to complete some questionnaires and to take part in a short interview. We will use face time or skype, so that children can use non-verbal methods to answer our questions.

This project has been through the ethic review process at Kingston University and has received a favourable opinion (reference number: 171816). All investigators working on this project have been through the formal Disclosure procedure and have been approved to work with children.

Who to contact:

For more information or to sign up to take part please email Maria directly at [email protected]

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