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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A sensitive and illuminating account of life as a child with autism

Through the Eyes of Me by Jon Roberts, Illustrated by Hannah Rounding

Publication: 24 August 2017

Paperback: 32 pages

Size: 250 x 250mm


Price: £6.99

Ages: 3+

Through the Eyes of Me is a sensitive and illuminating account of life as a child with autism. Through this beautiful, colourful picture book, readers will meet 4-year-old Kya, getting to know her likes and dislikes and all the nuances of her character. An ideal tool for developing an understanding of autism with young readers, the book has received numerous endorsements from parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

Debut Swansea-based writer Jon Roberts drew the material for the book from his experiences of raising his own daughter Kya, who was diagnosed with severe autism. He sought to create a simple to read, but none the less informative and engagingly presented account, explaining her differences and beautiful quirks. Disability charity Scope described Through the Eyes of Me as, ‘Delightfully told and beautifully illustrated...will help siblings, classmates and anyone who knows a child on the autism spectrum.’

There are over 700,000 people diagnosed with autism in the UK, 1 in 100 people. Autism affects 2.8 million family members in the UK alone.

Jon Roberts says: ‘The reaction to Through the Eyes of Me so far has been fantastic. I have shown the book to parents and professionals and they all love it and are looking forward to sharing it with their children.’

A video of Jon discussing Through the Eyes of Me and his daughter Kya is available here

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Praise for Through the Eyes of Me:

‘What a lovely book – it gets the understanding across whilst showing the normality and uniqueness of Kya. I would love to read this to my children one day.’ Amy Willerton, TV presenter and model

‘Jon has created a beautiful book in praise of his amazing daughter. The illustrations are captivating and I love the way it highlights the world through the eyes of a young person on the autism spectrum.’ Anna Kennedy OBE

‘This beautiful and charming book captures the true delights of being autistic.’ Alan Gardner, The Autistic Gardner

‘Through the eyes of me’ is a great children’s book that looks at what life is like for Kya as a young autistic girl. It’s done in a simple, easy to follow and extremely positive way that I feel could be helpful to other autistic children and many children in general to simply understand autism.’ Alex Lowery, autistic public speaker and trainer on autism

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