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Monday, February 17, 2020

Emily’s story: from Queen Alexandra College to paid employment

Former Queen Alexandra College (QAC) residential student Emily has entered paid employment at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre in Birmingham City Centre.

Emily really enjoyed her time at QAC and successfully completed a Hospitality programme. The College provided the support that she needed and offered her the opportunity to complete an external work placement with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre as part of her course.

Initially the work placement was over a three-month period, but it went so well Emily’s placement converted to paid employment upon completion of her studies at QAC. Emily now works two regular shifts a week as a Barista and Usher, but often gets offered overtime due to her hardworking and professional attitude.

Responsibilities include opening the bar, serving drinks, greeting customers, selling programmes and merchandise, cleaning and taking payments. Emily loves music and theatre, so this is the perfect role for her!

Rather than return to the family home, Emily also progressed onto QAC’s supported living option, Independence Plus. As a residential student, the College’s 24-hour curriculum helped Emily develop her independent living and social skills and Independence Plus allows her to continue to develop this independence. Clients on the programme still need support and the aim is to deliver a service that provides the means to live independently/semi independently into the distant future.

QAC is a national residential College and Charity that supports a diverse range of student abilities and needs. Based in Birmingham, the College provides education, training and routes to independent living and employment.

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